The West End Resident
Kirk Truman

Views from the top

Up here, London feels somehow smaller and taller all at the same time. It’s barely 9am and the city is waking up below.


34 floors up, the look toward the east of the city through the LED Centre Point logo is breathtaking. Theres a feeling that you’re separated from the city and metropolitan living. I truly envy whoever shall call this home.

As you make your way further down below to the lower level apartments on floors 15 & 20, the views are equally astonishing. You are greeted by absolute silence as you peer into the distance, watching the clouds carefully slip past the Shard, Tate Modern and Blackheath in the distance. I never knew London could feel so small, yet so grand. This really is the centre of it all.

This article was written by Kirk Truman on May 1, 2018
Photo credit: Kirk Truman

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