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Welcome to Fitzrovia’s living room – The Charlotte Street Hotel

Do you know of the Charlotte Street Hotel? You really should. Set in the centre of Fitzrovia’s Bohemian past, the Charlotte Street Hotel serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at its Oscar Bar & Restaurant.

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Situated at the base of Charlotte Street in the shadow of Centre Point and the BT Tower, the bar and restaurant at Charlotte Street Hotel has become Fitzrovia’s living room over the years.

Enter under the striped awnings during spring, summer or winter, and you’ll always find yourself sat by the window watching as Fitzrovia rolls by. This is a people watching spot, and a much loved destination for many residents and visitors to the West-End. There’s a distinct feeling about its winding corridors and decor which transports you to the not so distant past of the neighbourhood, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

The hotel interior itself was designed by Kit Kemp, with a Bloomsbury Group theme throughout the hotel touching on Fitzrovia’s Bohemian past and yesteryear with original art from the period and a mural which reflects scenes of contemporary London life. May I suggest visiting for morning coffee or tea. This is the perfect destination to mix up morning emails and people watching, which happen to go hand in hand.

This article was written by Kirk Truman on March 7, 2018
Photo credit: Kirk Truman

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