The West End Resident
Kirk Truman

Seifert’s Iconic Honeycomb

Centre Point’s honeycomb structure has become an iconic piece of architecture, but how was it made?

Honeycomb exterior

I was looking up a few mornings back from Tottenham Court Road station and thought on Centre Point architect Seifert’s design. The precast honeycomb segments were produced on the Isle of Portland in Dorset out of fine concrete utilising crushed Portland Stone and then later driven to London by lorry.

Black and White Image of Centre Point

You know, they say the building was the first of its kind in the city to capture the spirit and inventiveness of 1960s London. The result? A now iconic building that remains raw and unpretentious. Though it wasn’t always considered an asset to the area, in was in 1995 that Centre Point received Grade II listed status from English Heritage. And today, its honeycomb structure lives on in its restored glory.

This article was written by Kirk Truman on May 31, 2018
Photo credit: Luke Hayes and Kirk Truman

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