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Kirk Truman

Serge et le Phoque – A new breed of restaurant in Fitzrovia

As you step up from Soho along Newman Street, you are greeted by the eye of The Mandrake Hotel. Having opened in September last year, this was the one hotel that everybody begun talking about almost immediately.

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Walking through the long dark corridor entrance, you are greeted by style, surrealist design and hedonistic luxury. Founded by Rami Fustok, The Mandrake Hotel is a new breed of hotel in Fitzrovia, and at its centre is a new breed of restaurant in Fitzrovia, introducing Serge et le Phoque.

Having opened a michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong, this is the first overseas venture from Serge et le Phoque. Radical yet refined, the restaurant uses modern French techniques and just about the finest ingredients available to head chef/restauranteur, Frédéric Peneau. Founder of the Mandrake, Rami, approached Fred at Le Chateaubriand in Paris where he was working at the time about being involved with what would become the restaurant at The Mandrake Hotel. The food is just about divine as the dining experience, and the stunning interiors here and is certainly well worth a look.

This article was written by Kirk Truman on March 21, 2018
Photo credit: Kirk Truman

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