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Kate Allen

High fashion: Centre Point adorns a wrap

Centre Point skyscraper, a symbol of London’s “Swinging Sixties”, is turning to high fashion as part of its transformation into luxury homes.

View of Centre Point skyscraper from Tottenham Court Road London Underground station - Large

The fashion label Eley Kishimoto has wrapped the tower in a full-length artwork – thought to be Britain’s biggest building wrap – which will hide the building works over the next six months.

The office tower is being converted into 82 apartments. The area at its base, at the eastern end of Oxford Street, is being turned into a public piazza. Eley Kishimoto’s artwork, titled “Private Views”, is inspired by Centre Point’s brutalist architecture, which earned it a Grade II listing from English Heritage.

Designer Mark Eley said the print was “an interpretation of . . . the repetitive nature of its structure and the way the skyscraper acts as a central, focal landmark for Londoners”. Kathrin Hersel, development director of the building’s owner, the property company Almacantar, said the wrap “beautifully emulates the building’s design and architectural flare”.

Centre Point was built in the mid-1960s by the property tycoon Harry Hyams, and designed by the architect Richard Seifert. It stood empty for many years after its 1966 completion, as Mr Hyams waited to take advantage of rising rents before letting it – giving rise to its reputation as a symbol of speculative greed.

Erno Goldfinger, one of Seifert’s architectural contemporaries, said it was“London’s first pop art skyscraper”. The architectural critic Nikolaus Pevsner described the design as “coarse in the extreme”. But English Heritage said it was “slender” with “delicately modelled surfaces”.

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