The West End Resident
Kirk Truman

A Rarity

The view from home here is extraordinary. There are very few other words which really define it. We’re on the 20th floor of Centre Point, and there is evidence all around as to why the building was destined to become a residential haven.

View From The Top Of Centrepoint

As you look to toward the Thames and the city, London reveals itself from behind the mist of the morning hour. In the middle of the West-End’s skyline, Centre Point’s views residential views are entirely unmatched.

As you sit facing towards the east of the city, London’s cogs are turning to silence in here. This is a home like no other in this part of the city, a rare view from the rarest of opportunities at the base of Tottenham Court Road.

This article was written by Kirk Truman on May 9, 2018
Photo credit: Kirk Truman

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