The Heritage

Centre Point is a national treasure. London’s iconic skyscraper has undergone a transformation into incomparable residences, offering unrivalled panoramic views across the capital.

London’s Iconic Skyscraper
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The Icon

Welcome to the revival of an icon: an architectural classic that embodies the spirit of swinging London and stands as a focal point at the creative and cultural heart of this ever-changing city.

Centre Point, originally commissioned by renowned developer Harry Hyams and designed by Richard Seifert, was built in 1966. It is one of the great works of modern architecture, its bold geometric design and delicate honeycomb façade captured the confidence, optimism and creative flair of the decade.

Time has made it an icon – a national treasure – a status confirmed officially when it was listed for protection by English Heritage in 1995. It is a building like no other.

The Collaborators

Centre Point belongs in London – an eloquent architectural expression of the city’s irrepressible spirit. The redevelopment has stayed true to that spirit by drawing on the world leading creative talent that London continues to produce.

  • Almacantar
    Almacantar is a property investment company specialising in large-scale, complex developments in Central London. Known for its design led approach, the company focuses on creating long-term value through development, repositioning or active asset management.
    We have been fortunate to be involved in some of London’s biggest development schemes, but Centre Point is different. More than a development site, it is a national treasure.
    Mike Hussey
    Chief Executive, Almacantar
  • MICA
    MICA has a reputation for delivering innovative projects encompassing architecture, masterplanning and urban design. Award-winning projects include the Southbank Centre Masterplan, the renovation and extension of the Dulwich Picture Gallery, the Wallace Collection, the National Maritime Museum in London, The Times Newspaper headquarters in London’s Docklands, private residences in Hampstead and the Zen restaurants in London, Montreal and Hong Kong.
    Centre Point stands firmly in the tradition of Le Corbusier’s modernism of the 1930s, which is also evident in the work of Oscar Niemeyer and Gio Ponti’s Pirelli building in Milan. They share the same fascination with interlocking forms, and the relationship between vertical and horizontal. It is a building of historic importance, but its spirit is always forward-looking.
    Gavin Miller
    Partner, MICA
  • Conran & Partners
    Conran & Partners, headed by legendary British designer and innovator Sir Terence Conran, has spent over three decades improving the built environment through inspired masterplans, architecture and interior design. With experience in a variety of sectors, Conran & Partners is known for its intelligent and imaginative approach todesign, based on a close understanding of the commercial and cultural requirements of each brief.
    We have been fortunate to be involved in some of London’s biggest development schemes, but Centre Point is different. More than a development site, it is a national treasure.
    Tim Bowder-Ridger
    Senior Partner, Conran & Partners
  • The Transformation

    Centre Point has always been more than a building. The original West End skyscraper, it arrived as a powerful symbol of modernity, its daring architectural virtuosity a perfect match for the vibrancy of London in the swinging 60s.

    The reinvention of Centre Point is true to this adventurous spirit, breaking the mould once more by setting a new standard in sophisticated city living, now home to just 82 residences. Amongst the thrilling pace and pulse of the capital, residents can relax in the 30-metre-long infinity pool; detox in the sauna and luxury spa; work out in the private gym; entertain guests in the lounge club and private dining room; or kick back with friends in the luxury cinema room.

    And then, of course, there are the letters of the Centre Point sign itself, beaming the building’s name across the city skyline. The original letters became obsolete,essentially giant light-boxes with solid Perspex surfaces neon-lit from inside.One removing those letters, it took an ingenious solution using innovative materials to prevent the replacements from obstructing the spectacular views from the penthouse terrace and flooding the interior with unwanted light.

    Once the old letters were removed, each letter was given to a different artist tobe re-imagined and then auctioned off in aid of Centrepoint charity, which works to tackle homelessness in the capital. Photographer Christoffer Rudquist was commissioned to shoot the progress works and the resulting images were published in the November 2018 edition of GQ. The auction took place in June 2019 in collaboration with The Auction Collective and Christie’s, raising a total of £88,000.

    Cedric Christie
    Jeroen and Joep Verhoevan
    Nancy Fouts
    Gavin Turk
    Charlie Fegan
    Jeroen and Joep Verhoevan
    Laure Prouvost
    Rob and Nick Carter
    Mark Wallinger
    Richard Wentworth
    Conrad Shawcross

    For Almacantar, the redevelopment of Centre Point was not about the reinvention of a building but of a place. Perhaps Centre Point’s greatest flaw – the way it hits the ground – was also one of its greatest opportunities. And so was born St Giles Square, London’s latest pedestrianised public space.

    St Giles Square is more than a new space and destination for London; it is a patch of the city that you will come to call your own. It is where the master barista at the local coffee shop will know your order by heart and the waiter at soon-to-be-opened Din Tai Fung will whisk an exquisitely presented plate of xiaolongbao to your favourite table. And it is where you will have your pick of some of London’s hottest restaurants in the high-octane, next-generation surrounds of the Arcade Food Theatre.

    Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Coffee, champagne or cocktails. Lavish, intimate or alfresco. Morning, noon or night. As a local of St Giles Square, you’ll never find London life lacking.

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